Re: About to toss this machine out the window!

Jim Stutsman

First, with regard to the hook race (which you almost certainly do not need): this part is only available from Janome. There is no market for knock-off parts of this kind, since it is not replaced that frequently, and it is not cheap to make. There are some Janome dealers that do sell parts online, but only frequently replaced items that they would normally keep in stock. The secondary market guys mainly deal in items like bobbins and feet.

The symptoms you've described are exactly the sort of thing that happens with a design that is very dense. It can be from too large a needle and too heavy a thread. It's not the eye of the needle that can be a problem, but the size of the hole it makes. You can also get this problem if you don't have adequate stabilizer. For example, a traditional water-soluble stabilizer used for topping will break down when used to make lace. Thousands of needle penetrations literally shred it. This brings to mind an MB-4 that we sold years ago to a lady who was using it in business to embroider uniforms for high schools. She had exactly the problems you are having, using a size 11 needle and 40wt thread. We went through a lot of different things to solve it. Ultimately the solution was size 8 needles and 80wt thread.

Start by trying heavier, or additional, stabilizer. If that doesn't help you may have to go to finer thread and a very small needle.

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