Re: About to toss this machine out the window!

Kathy Strabel

Jim---I have switched out my usual metallic needle for a Schmetz (my usual brand) Embroidery needle size 11. Re-started up the butterfly design test design where I left off.  All went well for about 1,000 stitches, then I got a lot of noise again. I stopped the machine and turned over the hoop and see that I got a huge bird nest. When I looked closely at the eye of the needle, there were TWO threads coming out of the eye.  This sounds to me more like a "two needle plunges into the same hole" problem, only it is with a dedicated embroidery needle with a smaller eye than I usually use.  I am now more befuddled.And, of course I have a time-sensitive project to complete....

I am not opposed to buying replacement parts and having them professionally installed. But where would I look for genuine Janome parts of this kind? Are they available to the public, or only to dealers? I would rather purchase the parts myself than trust this shop to get the genuine parts. They ARE a Janome dealer, but...  Judging from what I have seen of their "inner sanctum" work area, I can only surmise that stuff gets knocked around, bumped and generally shuffled about, and possibly damaged before they would even install them. I still have until February or March 2022 warranty on the labor that started this process. ---I originally brought my machine to them back in early 2021, and this noisy rattling was #1 on the list of things they supposedly fixed.  Unfortunately, there is not another shop locally that that I know of that gets my vote of confidence.

Which brings me around to this: Does anyone have a really really good service supplier for their Janome in the greater Portland, Oregon/ Southwest Washington state region?  I do not intend to "diss" this or any shop on this platform; I just need some information from people who have had great experiences with sewing shops.

Thanks again,  happy stitching!!
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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