Re: About to toss this machine out the window!

Kathy Strabel

JIm---Thank you again for your suggestions. After reading this last note, I will switch out my needle for a smaller, thinner needle with a smaller eye. I generally will use a metallic needle,and have always had very nice results, which I credit to the longer, deeper scarf and the larger eye of the metallic needle. Stranger things have happened......  I stopped my test piece at the place where I began hearing the increased noise. I will switch out the needle later today and report back. The design is not very dense, more like a "lacy" appearance, though not an  FSL design. It is a butterfly a little larger than the palm of my hand.  This should eliminate any of the " two stitches in the same hole" problem, if it is indeed the cause. I will stay on the test butterfly design already hooped and waiting on my machine and compare the stitches, noises, and any other differences I may observe and report back.

As for replacing the hook race and the holder: Even if it is expensive, it probably is cheaper to do that than buy a new machine, which definitely is not in the budget anyway. So, if it comes down to that, I may just bite the bullet and try  replacing the parts. I am not so amused that the dealer kept trying to sell me a new machine before I even left his shop a few months ago.  I "get" that selling machines is his job, but providing excellent repair service is also a huge chunk of any dealer's job.  
Thank you again, and stay tuned--same time, same station as they used to say......
Kathy Strabel 

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