Re: About to toss this machine out the window!

Kathy Strabel

Jim--Thank you for your sage suggestions. I have done some more sleuthing, and compared the bobbins I am using. I usually use pre-wounds. Inspecting some of the pre-wound bobbins, I see some of them have tiny burrs in different places. Next I looked at a Janome branded, empty, new bobbin, and see it is much smoother and maybe made of a better grade of plastic. The Janome bobbin is clearer, the pre-wound one is slightly cloudy. So, my next thing was to wind my own Janome branded bobbin and do a test stitchout. I chose a one-color design with 9,500 stitches. The machine ran much more smoothly, and the bobbin was not jumping and spinning. But at about stitch number 5,100, the noise started up again, and I could hear the spinning and jumping, and increased noise.

  I do not see any crack or other flaws in the white plastic bottom of the hook race, cannot feel or see any burrs, or other flaws on the other pieces and places you described.  What would make this problem go away so temporarily and why does it come back? 

Would it be a judicious move to simply replace the entire race and the holder? The dealer did switch out the bobbin holder in March of this year. But it appears that the holder is a generic part. It does not have any Janome markings or any part number on it. Would not that information be on the part if it were a genuine Janome part?

I think I will ditch my remaining pre-wound bobbins and start winding my own on Janome branded ones. But that seems to solve only half of the problem.

Patiently awaiting your response,
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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