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Lyn Quine

My husband always used to moan that there was a sock gnome in the house stealing socks leaving a drawer full of odds.  Always said I was in league with said sock gnome.  Then one day I looked in the bin, and there was half a dozen odd socks she’d thrown out because, they had holes in them………l. He hasn’t moaned since I pointed out that throwing away one of a pair leaves odd ones.  He grinned!  He then started buying all black socks so that he could easily find a pair.  Personally I think wearing odd socks is good, my feet were always colourful.  Odd socks never bothered me, even going through airport security, always brought a smile to security guards face whilst my shoes were scanned!  Oh they were the days, when travel was easier.


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I’ve never lost items in my laundry machines either. Repair tech said years ago that they can float over the inner drum and into the outer drum, and down the drain or maybe create a clog.  Dryer issue was they could get into the filter area.  My first washer was very good about water level, and etc., so nothing ever went out of the inner drum, and my current one is front loader so doesn’t do that. No repairs from clogs like that either.  My dryers never had clearance for socks to get into filter area so no issues there either. Luck, perhaps, but probably just in buying machines that didn’t have ‘black holes’ for laundry to disappear into.  No way to tell until you use them I suppose. 

- Cat
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