Re: About to toss this machine out the window!

Jim Stutsman

The infamous "bouncing bobbin" is almost always due to the thread catching on a burr with every stitch. This could be a burr in the hook race (worst case), the plastic "base" under the bobbin case, or even the hole in the needle plate that the needle goes through, or the hole the needle goes through in the presser foot. Unless a technician checks all of these, the machine can be deemed operational and returned. In the case of a hook race (metal "basket" the bobbin case sits in), a little oil may mask it for a time, though the oil will find its way into the thread of the stitching. Remove the presser foot, needle plate, and bobbin case. Check all 3 for any sign of nicks, scratches, or roughness that a thread would catch on. Look at the white plastic piece in the bottom of the hook race. Scratches or gouges will grab the thread. Finally using a strong light and magnification to inspect the edges of the hook race. Turn the hand wheel slowly, looking for pits, nicks, gouges, or anything that's not smooth and shiny. Minor damage can be smoothed out by a technician using Janome service part #OILSTONE. Severe damage requires a new hook race. Good luck!

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