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I’ve never lost items in my laundry machines either. Repair tech said years ago that they can float over the inner drum and into the outer drum, and down the drain or maybe create a clog.  Dryer issue was they could get into the filter area.  My first washer was very good about water level, and etc., so nothing ever went out of the inner drum, and my current one is front loader so doesn’t do that. No repairs from clogs like that either.  My dryers never had clearance for socks to get into filter area so no issues there either. Luck, perhaps, but probably just in buying machines that didn’t have ‘black holes’ for laundry to disappear into.  No way to tell until you use them I suppose. 

- Cat

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Never lost a sock from your washer or dryer??!! Well, you obviously did not go for the optional Singular Sock Sucker upgrade when you bought your appliances!  LOL
Kathy Strabel

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I have never lost a sock in either the washer or the dryer. Actually I have never lost anything. lol

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Oh! “The Singular Sock Sucker” in the dryer - I’m missing that (at least in recent years), but I have an “Over the Top Thrower” when I empty my dryer.  That one is bad as the dryer is in a tight space and I CAN’T move. it.  I read this post and to also to my husband and he laughed with me.  However, it reminded me of my MISSING sock.  He said, “It must be caught in a sleeve or pant leg.”  I assured him that it was NOT and told him about the “Over the Top Thrower” and he looked and rescued my sock for me.  I’ve got a wonderful man.

The other gremlin “Operatore Proximity Detector” has been in my machines a time or two.  Even the “Babysitter” Acumonitor APP doesn’t always catch those in time, as well as the right machine ie:  15000 or Skyline S9, has to be the machine left with that babysitter, for salvation.  You also need to be within WiFi distance as well.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Have a good one!
Kathy Strabel

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