About to toss this machine out the window!

Kathy Strabel

Greetings---Please excuse the outburst, but I am frustrated beyond words!!  My e500 machine is making a LOT of excess noise in the bobbin area---again!! I have already had the machine in the shop twice since March for this problem. They say it is fixed but the problem arises again very soon.  The bobbin jerks and spins and makes a lot of noise. The stitching itself is acceptable (so far) but this kind of jerking and spinning cannot be good for the machine. Today, I am using 80 weight thread and a self-wound bobbin from the same spool, doing small 1/4" high lettering.  This noise happens whether I am using 40wt thread/bobbin or the thinner stuff. It sounds almost like sewing over broken glass. Very, very un-nerving.   I have done very little embroidering since I got the machine back about 5 weeks ago--maybe 4 hours' worth. But today, it is acting up terribly. I do oil on a regular schedule, once a month, and she was lubed at the shop a some weeks ago.  I have used a Magic Bobbin Genie underneath the bobbin, in the holder, but that does not seem to remedy the situation. (It is a small flat disc of Teflon supposed to make bobbins run more smoothly....)

Does anyone else have this problem with the e500 or other Janome machine?  Any and all comments appreciated.  
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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