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Mary Jo Hirsch

Jim thanks you for helping.  I appreciate you and Diane 

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021, 3:04 PM -0500 from onlinesewing@... <onlinesewing@...>:

Wireless internet via 5G has nothing to do with the WiFi used by Janome machines. It only changes how the Internet arrives in your house, not how devices connect. I've signed up for 5G Home Internet with T-Mobile, but won't have the equipment for a few weeks. It should be noted that routers currently sold support multiple frequencies of WiFi. Machines use the original 2.4MHz signal, which is standard on all devices. There is also a 5GHz signal on most newer devices. This 5 Gigahertz signal is NOT the 5G that is the latest fad. That 5G is a wireless signal from the mobile phone companies, and is used only to connect your home to the Internet. I expect the equipment will also support the older 2.4 signal in the home, as well as the faster 5 Gigahertz signal, but I won't know until I get it. The older 2.4 Megahertz signal travels farther than the 5 Gigahertz, but is slower. It's generally best to use the 5GHz signal if you can, which is what we use for everything except the machine.

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