oldie but goodie???


Hello everyone thank you for allowing me to join.  I joined because I have a weird question about a machine that would have been introduced maybe 10/12 years ago.  Cant remember the number, name, but can give a pretty good description of its features.  When it came out I was working for a dealer but my main area of sales and education were Viking.  They sold Babylock as well, but I don 't think this was a babylock machine, I have Janome stuck in my head and I hope you can help.  This machine has become the unicorn that got away in my head, couldn't afford to add it to my "stable" at the time and I think I regret it to this day :D  

The machine was one of the machines that were really directed towards quilters.  There were other semi commercial straight stitch machines out there that quilters were buying, but this one was different.  It had the wide harp area (for its time), the pull up thread delivery system, high speed, just like you see out there today by Juki, Janome etc.  The difference was, and this is what grabbed my attention, there were multiple stitches that appealed to quilters.  Needle up down, I think it may have had a knee lift... Blanket Stitch, I believe a briar stitch, feather stitch, wavy stitch and others I can't remember.... AND it was programmable!!!  I remember programming the hand look quilt stitch into the machine for a customer AND there was a block alphabet you could program for labels.  I believe there were at least a couple of buttonholes as well.  No touch screen, just a small rectangular area where you could see the stitches you programmed (as I recall)  The machine stitched quietly with that certain... smooth, hum.  Not jerky or loud.  Very pleasant machine and I think it was under $2000.  At the time and still to this day sew on my Viking D1 from Viking.  She still sews beautifully and I don't really need another machine but I would like the larger harp, fast stitching and to ease up on my D1, maybe keep her for the embroidery.  

I've got this unicorn machine in my head and it's driving me crazy.  Have I painted the machine in my head with roses and Angels singing as perfection OR was it discontinued because it was a dud.  AND was it a Janome???  If it was perfection as I am remembering, why was it discontinued!!  If anyone has this machine, or remembers it, or better still are still using it, PLEASE feel free to contact me directly 

At the time 

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