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you can waterproof seams by using a product to waterproof tent seams. I have gotten the product from a marina, but can not remember the name of it now. They use it waterproof the seams on pontoon tops.

On Thursday, July 8, 2021, 8:45:08 PM CDT, Kathy Skagen <kagen48@...> wrote:

I use Pellon 100 Vinyl Fuse. It is an iron on vinyl that you can iron onto any cotton material. It easy to use, but you would have to do some research on how to waterproof the seams if you want to be able to pour liquid into it. Also, use some iron on stabilizer like Craft Fuse or Decorbond to give the bag enough body to hang open. And/ or create a flat bottom by sewing across the bottom corners of the bag and that will keep the top open. Search for some bag patterns to see how they make the bottom of makeup bags.

On Thursday, July 8, 2021, 05:34:00 PM CDT, Joyce Daniel <mdaniel@...> wrote:

Our SIL has a fishing boat in AK that he takes clients out on. He has a “trashbag” (actually a Walmart bag) hanging on an up/down handle. I would like to make something similar to the picture shown but would love your input.

What do I use for the inside waterproof lining?

How do I get the rim to stand open (like shown) so it’s not floppy when folks go to drop trash in it?

Thanks SO much for your input. Very much appreciated!! Joyce


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