Re: Trash question

I’ve reused fibrous strapping that holds boxes closed. Bought something and had to go to a pickup area. They were throwing tons of it away. Gave me a bunch

On Friday, July 9, 2021, 02:58:18 PM CDT, Anne Stoye via <annestoye@...> wrote:

You could use Rigilene plastic boning in a channel at the top to hold the bag open.  Cut circumference plus a couple of inches overlap.  The gap in the casing means that you can put in the boning at the end or remove it for flatter storage.  Cable ties are another possibility.  Apologies for delay in responding – perhaps other people have made similar or better suggestions in the meantime.  Anne


How do I get the rim to stand open (like shown) so it’s not floppy when folks go to drop trash in it?

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