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Hi Carole,

Because I have multiple machines that I use on different projects and up until last year was still working full time, I have actually done the same thing you have of letting a machine sit unused for an extended period.  The only ones that I found I have to be careful with are the two that require more extensive end-user oiling (my 500e and HD9).


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This question is probably for Jim, as I can't imagine anyone in this group of avid sewers doing what I did.  I had my 15000 serviced last year as soon as the company I use re-opened from Covid lockdown.  I have not even turned it on since I brought it home.  My question is this:  Assuming they serviced it properly, what precautions--if any--should I take in order to start using it again?  Think it's ok to just start sewing? it true that Windows 11 will be released later this year?  Ugh!

Thanks much

Carole Hollmann

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