Re: 550e & 10000 issues


Took 550e in to my dealer. Gave her a copy of your notes/suggestions. She took machine apart and everything you mentioned checked out clean. As to why the machine randomly loops when doing satin stitching and skips stitches randomly with basic embroidery stitches didn't have an answer. Her suggestion was to try using Janome needles.  She also compared how my 550e bobbin winds with her floor model. Very minimal difference. I'll try the Janome needles (a lot more expensive compared to Organ needles by the bulk). My 10000 I will not get back for at least 2 weeks. Gave her your notes/suggestions for the 10000 also. She is the one who directed me to your former website when I bought the 80000 many moons ago.

Have a Happy 4th!

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