Re: Updating to Windows 10

Cheryl Paul


I had a 10000 Sewing machine, when it was about half way through it’s cycle before the 11000. I never, ever plugged the cord into the machine and to the computer via the USB cord and my computer and sewing machine occupied the same corner of my sewing room. I didn’t find that I needed/wanted another cord hanging about my legs. However, it was very easy back in those days to obtain the PCMCIA cards and adapters then as well. IF you have some of these treasure them and guard them with your life, as they aren’t easy to find these days. I always used them with both my 10000 and my 11000 as they loaded up quickly and saved enough designs to stitch out any embroidery that I needed. You could try that with your 10000 and you might find that it is a nice way to get what you need. It does require an extra step or two but it is worth the effort.

You will also find that your software - Customizer might not work on your new computer either, so if your old computer is still useable, it might be the option you need to sew and embroidery to your hearts content. You might want to dedicate the computer to use “just for sewing” to preserve its lifetime.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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