Re: 550e & 10000 issues

Jim Stutsman

This seems to fall under the "If it's not broken..." category. If your bobbins are winding OK, do nothing! One thing that you can do to keep things working well is manage how you deal with embroidery thread changes. Many (most?) people clip the thread at the hoop, if it's not cut automatically, and then pull it back through to wind back on the spool. There is nothing in the book to discourage this. However there is a small tension spring that the thread passes under when you thread the machine. When the thread is pulled backward, the reverse tension from pulling causes the edge of the spring to shave off little bits of thread. When enough has piled up, it starts to drag on the thread, making it seem like the tension has increased. Eventually you will have problems. A safer method is to cut the thread at the spool and pull the remaining thread piece in the same direction that it would be pulled while sewing. Yes, you will waste a bit of thread. Some folks save those bits to use in craft projects. I've also heard of putting it out for birds to weave into their nests. Without regard to what you do with it, pulling it out this way can save headaches later.

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