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Thanks for your suggestions - I also took a piece of styrofoam (any size you want) and covered with flannel and placed on a wall to be used as a design wall.  Your idea would work much better since you can fold and put away (which you cannot do with foamboard). My design board may go away - I like your idea much better and wouldn't lose precious wall space.  Thanks again!!!


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Greetings, sewing friends----

This suggestion might be of special interest to quilters, but it could apply to any type of sewing projects. 

I was making a quilt with a somewhat complicated layout, but I knew I did not have time to piece the entire top in one session. Nor do I have a space large enough to leave the pieces laid out in order for the next session.  I usually use my kitchen island for laying out and cutting, but could not leave my fabrics there for days, for obvious reasons.   So, I used a large vinyl tablecloth with a fuzzy backing, which is described as "flannel", but it is not flannel by any stretch of the imagination.  I laid out my rows and columns to be pieced on the fuzzy side of the tablecloth, then pinned and sewed a couple of the columns before having to stop my project. The un-pinned, un-sewn pieces remained on the tablecloth, which I carefully folded into a manageable  size to place in my project basket. When I had the time to continue pinning and sewing, my pieces were already laid out in order, and all I had to do was to carefully unfold the tablecloth and work on my project. No wrinkles, all the pieces stayed put in the folded tablecloth.  You can get these tablecloths for just a few dollars at big box stores, or Goodwill, etc... and also you can use them as design "boards" if you attach to a wall with those removeable 3M hooks.  I stick a few of those hooks on the wall, and attach small Bulldog clips to the top edge of the tablecloth and hook the clips into the 3M hooks.  Your pieces will stick to the fuzzy side. A great, temporary design board.    Happy sewing to all!   Kathy Strabel    Camas WA

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