Re: A Suggestion for managing projects

Cat - N

Kathy, I seriously thought you were going to say you rolled the tablecloth up with your pieces inside…lol…but folding it to fit a storage place is maybe better. I did a similar thing when I (a non-beginner) went to a beginner block of the month with a real beginner friend. I hated the thought of pressing the blocks only to have them wrinkle in transport, so I stacked them on several pieces of pre-used stabilizer that I had torn away the embroidery from, put a few more used sheets on top of the stack, rolled them up and put a tiny hair scunchies from a dollar store (I use them on Yorkie topknots…they cost about $2/300pc bag) on each end. They stayed perfect. But I like your idea for a encasing the layout in a table cloth for a larger quilt in process. Thank you. 

- Cat

Typos courtesy of autocorrect. 

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