Re: Installing Skyline S9 machine update.

Cat - N

I was pretty sure the instruction was in the zipped file set that your with my 11000...that says to put the USB in the machine with the POWER OFF, then, for the S9:

Press and hold the Lock Stitch button and the Needle Up/Down button at the same time and turn the power switch ON.
Hold the buttons down for at least 3 seconds until the LCD screen turns yellow.

- Cat

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Subject: [onlinesewing-janome] Installing Skyline S9 machine update.

I am finally getting around to update my light blue Skyline S9. I followed the instructions so I have a USB stick with the extracted files on it. I put the USB stick into the machine and turned it on. It just goes into sewing mode. The instructions say to start the S9 in "Update Mode" but I can't find any directions to do that. Help will be appreciated.

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