Re: Installing Skyline S9 machine update.

Kathleen Chevalier

I found it and have saved the .pdf with the instructions. I inserted the USB into the machine and turned it on while holding down the needle up-down and lock stitch buttons. I got a yellow screen with ERROR. I'm reformatting the USB, which is 2 GB, and will try again. Thanks anyway.

On Thu 6/17/2021 12:08 PM, Kathleen Chevalier wrote:

I am finally getting around to update my light blue Skyline S9. I followed the instructions so I have a USB stick with the extracted files on it. I put the USB stick into the machine and turned it on. It just goes into sewing mode. The instructions say to start the S9 in "Update Mode" but I can't find any directions to do that. Help will be appreciated.

Kathleen Chevalier
western Pennsylvania

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