Re: Tech support expiration on 15000


My first machine was a 10000 which I traded up to 11000, and traded that for the 12000.  I have had the 12000 for nine years   and have had no repairs other then a light issue that I broke.   I love Janome machines and sing their praises whenever  I can.  Two of my sisters have switched to the Janome brand also.   I live in Michigan and was considering the dealers offer which would have been an impulsive purchase.  Yesterday, I stopped by another dealer, he wants $10,000 for the 15000 with no trade in.  He said he the lack of chips will continue to effect inventory and prices are going up on these types of machines for the next couple of years.  At some point I think I will buy the 15000, but in the meantime I will continue to enjoy sewing on my 12000.   Thanks again for all the comments.

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