Re: Needle question


If you google Marathon Threads Canada. they are in Winnipeg, there is a menu for needles and then one for flat and one for round.  They give a great description of Organ needles.  EXL 705 has a longer scarf and two grooves ……. I love this site and as a Canuck it is nice to have them here in Canada.  Their Embroidery supplies are great and I get all my needles here and thread …….

ELx705 Flat Shank Serger and Cover Stitching Needles

This flat shank needle is made specifically for cover stitching and serging, e.g. for sergers that do cover stitches. This needle has a slightly longer scarf and 2 grooves.
We stock this needle in a Ball Point and also a Sharp (Regular) Point.

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