Re: Needle question

Jim Stutsman

We were BabyLock dealers very early in our dealership, and only for a couple of years. At that time the needles used by BL were very different from standard machine needles. I remember that vividly, because in servicing a Memory Craft 8000 I accidentally put in a BL serger needle. I spent quite some time trying to adjust what appeared to be a very out-of-spec needle bar height, before realizing my error. I don't know anything about EXL705 needles, but if the length of the needle, position of the eye, and flat appears the same they might work. If the diameter of the needle is different it might be hard to get it the needle clamp. If you want to try a household needle, just turn the hand wheel through several cycles, slowly, to make sure the loopers don't hit the needle. If everything is clear it should be OK.

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