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This is Information from Marathon threads Canada.  There is some difference in shape of point and size of eye.  Sounds like Janome purple tip to me.  Sorry for font size don’t know how to make smaller.

15x1-SP Flat Shank for Stretch or Elastic Fabrics

Also called HAx1 SP. This needle will work on any home serger that uses a flat shank needle. This is a special version of the 15x1 for stretch or elastic materials and tightly woven knits. It is made to higher standards, it has a snake's head shape due to a combination of a slightly bulged eye and a slightly reduced blade above the eye. The bulged eye opens a slightly larger space in the material and the thinner blade above the eye reduces contact between the material and the needle. This reduces needle heat-up and prevents skip stitches.

On Jun 11, 2021, at 3:33 PM, Pixey via <pixeyam@...> wrote:

My old but still runs wonderful Janome MyLock 644D serger calls for an HAx1SP needle. In looking at the Organ catalogue online, the only difference between the HAx1SP (which my dealer doesn’t currently have) and the HAx1 (which my dealer does have) is that the HAx1SP has a small ball point and the HAx1 has a regular point The dimensions are all the same.

So it seems to me that unless I am serging knits, there should be no harm in using the HAx1 needles to serge woven fabrics. Is my logic sound or am I missing something?


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