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That was some very good advice. I was also only offered the MSRP from my dealer when I enquired about the 15000 even as recently as a year ago. Some dealers just do not feel the need to offer a lower price. The 100 mile trip you made was well worth it for that kind of discount and getting your 11000 repaired. I'm glad you found that dealer.

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Not meaning anything bad, but...

The dealer most local to my location only offered the 15000 v2 (which was newly released) to me for full MSRP...literally said the price was "$12,000" when I first looked at it in their store about 6 years ago.  About a year later, I drove nearly 100 miles one way to a dealer who saved me over $4,000 on the 15000's MSRP, and repaired my 11000, which the most local dealer had said wasn't broken at all but sent it home with a thread nest in the bobbin case and needle thread sticking up through the bobbin cover, and told me not to use Organ needles...only Janome 'painted tip'...which they had removed (a blue tip) from my 11000 and inserted their Organ needle which is what came back home in my 11000.  The area where I live is a lower economic area with lower pay scale than many other areas here, so items like that tend to be higher in cost...maybe because fewer perhaps are being sold the nearest 'competing' dealer is about 100 miles in any direction at a minimum.

I declined to trade in my 11000 for the is more valuable to me here than what I expected a trade-in value to be.  I couldn't recommend any course of action to you because my situation/need is likely not the same as your situation/need, but I absolutely intend to wait to see what Janome introduces before considering whether or not I am interested in the coming new product, especially considering that several machines live here, including a long arm quilter. But, my 'gut feeling' is that I would likely decline the offer you received if it was offered to me this early in the new model release cycle.  Of course, I dislike being the 'bleeding one' on the 'edge' of technology, having worked over 30 years in high tech and I.T.  What's okay as a 'corporate test' isn't necessarily okay in my bank account.

When I first began looking at the 15000, I had not even seen the MSRP for the machine, but even so, I felt that it wasn't a deal I was interested in...partly because of prices I'd been offered for other brands' TOL machines. 

As to liking the 15000, I do like it very much.  I've had some of the same issues that others have had...foot pedal warning (pedal replaced under warranty), needle threader (replaced under warranty with a new style threader), thread jumping out of the take up lever (I thread backwards now), but I do consider it a fine machine, and doubt I would want to trade it in on a new model anyway.  It is very capable, and I am nowhere near pressing all it's buttons in the five years I've been using it. 

I am a "find your product then your price" person, so I took my time on the 11000, and even longer on the 15000.  If you are truly in a hurry, it might be a good deal...couldn't say, but I wasn't in a hurry, so it was my choice to 'throttle back' and choose with logic and thoughtful consideration of all my options.

Good luck.  I'm sure you'll figure it all out.

- Cat

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Not sure where you live but I think that price is way too high!  Also, prices for the 15000 should drop after the intro of the new machine but should never be at the MSRP.  I'm in the US and paid either $8000 or $9000 for my 15000  six year ago.  (sorry but memory is on the downslide).  Just my opinion.

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