Tech support expiration on 15000


I have the Horizon 12000 which I love, but am giving thought to buying the Horizon Quilt Maker 15000.  I believe that shortly after the new generation sewing/embroidery machine is debuted in September that Janome’s support for the 12000 will be discontinued.  So,  I was wondering what’s the estimate on how long Janome will continue to support the Horizon Quilt Maker 15000 since technically is ever advancing.

Heres the kicker, my dealer is offering a trade in on my Horizon 12000 for $4000 with purchase of Horizon 15000 for $12,999 and later he will apply the whole amount of the $9000. Towards the new machine that comes out in September if I want to change up to it and of course I would have pay the difference.  I am just wondering, if it is a wise idea to purchase the Horizon 15000 just for a few months.  For those of you who own the 15000, are you still impressed with it and would you  just as soon keep the 15000 or would you buy the next generation in September.   Your comments would be most appreciated.

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