Re: sewing polyester

Cheryl Paul

Thanks Faviola.

Re: Slow start up on my serger and Coverhem
I did know about the slow start on these mechanical machines, but had “sort of” forgotten. Our computerized sewing machines have really done a good job of spoiling us and fast. I will just continue to use lots of patience when I use these 2 mechanical machines - I love them both.

I’ll be using the serger as a 2-thread to trim and finish the edges of my grandson’s quilt so that he can apply the binding. I had him make his own birthday present for June 28th - the BIG day. We had some good bonding time during the sewing process. It seems I get to spend more time with his 2 sisters than with him and his younger brother. I'll put a picture in the files when we are finished - next week I hope.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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