sewing instructions?

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I am aware that mistakes are found at times on patterns, so contacting McCalls might be an option. If it is an error, they might be able to provide corrections for your student. 

You might also look online at ‘free’ patterns for similar style pants to see how those are constructed.

I definitely sympathize with your student’s (and your) plight.  I am making two little girls’ dresses from a Vogue pattern (redesigned a bit from the original), and the pattern had positional dots on the princess bodice which are not mentioned at all on the four pages, and I literally had to read them all because I grew up making princess style bodice dresses for myself and those did not have positional alignment dots.   

I am making a sleeveless version…part of my redesign…but I figured out, by looking at all the pieces, even those I wasn’t using…that the dots are for additional matching positions for the sleeves to the bodice. But, you’d think positional dots would be mentioned since alignment would be a key instruction when alignment marks are put on a pattern.  

It isn’t ’all’ patterns that aren’t clear…the  pattern I use to make Hawaiian shirts for hubby has pretty decent instructions, even if I do choose to do a few things differently than called for by the pattern instructions. 

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On Jun 8, 2021 at 8:47 AM, <JoAnn Novak> wrote:

I find that is common with the directions.   Even with something hubby buys & puts together.   The instructions are not clear or make sense.  He just uses his common sense & puts together the way he thinks.  It is very frustrating.   Guess people just do not think clearly any more.  

Try making it with some scrap material first the part that makes no sense to see it you can figure it out. 

JoAnn (Wisconsin)

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On 6/9/2021 1:09 AM, Joyce Daniel wrote:

I have been teaching a design student to sew. She picked out a McCall’s pants pattern that has a draw/bag type waist……looked simple enough. It has inset pockets and a front zipper…..and directions that make absolutely no sense at all…..I consider myself an advanced sewist and these directions are for someone who is super duper advanced. Is there a group, etc. that could help decipher sewing pattern instructions? Maybe, I should contact McCall’s? Funny thing is we started these pants last summer and she went off to college and I was hoping they would disappear, but she just got home and the first thing she asked was if we could finish up the pants again. Agghh!



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