Re: sewing instructions?

Cheryl Paul

Joyce, I’d contact McCall’s. I one bought a Sandra Betzina pants pattern for a class that I took with her and Ron Collin’s in Edmonton and when it was time for my fitting, she couldn’t understand whey so many adjustments were needed. She looked at the pattern and eventually asked to see the envelope it came in. Apparently McCall’s had made a mistake when printing the pattern and the crotch seam wasn’t correct. They did a recall on the pattern and printed as Sandra wanted the fit to be. I was an unlucky person who didn’t get the “memo” to return my pattern for the new one. To say the least those pants never got finished and I didn’t benefit to have a fitting pair of pants and pattern. I did learn some, but it cost me mega bucks and no slacks or adjusted pattern to use in the future.

There may be a solution that McCall’s can address. Another solution would be to just wing it and try to do what you think should be done to make it work. There has to be a solution. Maybe another pattern could be used and she adjusts it to work with what has been cut and sew already. Is that at all possible?

Please let us know what happens with these pants. You have my curiosity working full time with this question.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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