Re: sewing polyester

Cheryl Paul

No, my CoverPro 2000 works very well and doesn’t tunnel, unless I pull a thread that I don’t mean to when I’m taking out the garment from under the needles. I’ve learned to be careful when I do this. I’m still very much in the learning process of the CoverHem machine as it isn’t a machine I use daily or even on a weekly basis - just occasionally - but I love it as it gives that professional look to a garment.

If I had a wish for this machine and my serger it would be that it started out sewing like my sewing machine do - gradually. I hold the foot down and it whirs a lot until I press harder - this always makes me feel like it is going to race away on me. I may not be describing this well, but if someone who does has a tip for me, I’d sure be glad to hear it.

A dear friend passed away last December (not from COVID) and I purchased a couple of her machines and one was her CoverPro 2000 to give to my granddaughter. She’s not sure that she will be allowed to have it as there are 3 more children younger in their very crowded home. A big house becomes smaller as the children grow up and these kids are aged 7-15, so they are getting bigger - Ava is almost as tall as her Mom and definitely a bit taller than me.
She’ll get it eventually and in the meantime she can sew on it in Grandma’s house. She’s better at this machine than I am.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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