Re: sewing instructions?

Kathy Skagen <kagen48@...>

I have noticed that, for years now, the instructions for major pattern companies have become more difficult to understand. The instructions used to have many detailed illustrations to help the reader and allowed the inexperienced to be able to teach themselves, but now it is paired down to the bare minimum and sometimes is not the logical way to proceed. 
I would say that if you know a way to achieve the same result, do it your way. That will be a good lesson for the young lady to learn also--that there is often more than one way to do something and the end result is what is important. As a design student, I'd say that this is a great learning opportunity for her!

On Monday, June 7, 2021, 08:59:33 PM CDT, Joyce Daniel <mdaniel@...> wrote:

I have been teaching a design student to sew. She picked out a McCall’s pants pattern that has a draw/bag type waist……looked simple enough. It has inset pockets and a front zipper…..and directions that make absolutely no sense at all…..I consider myself an advanced sewist and these directions are for someone who is super duper advanced. Is there a group, etc. that could help decipher sewing pattern instructions? Maybe, I should contact McCall’s? Funny thing is we started these pants last summer and she went off to college and I was hoping they would disappear, but she just got home and the first thing she asked was if we could finish up the pants again. Agghh!



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