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Thank you. I will double check. You are correct that there is a manual way of doing the buttonhole and that is what I resorted to when this happened. My mind isn't what it used to be so I will try again paying specific attention to being in the auto buttonhole feature. I think a trip to the dealer over an hour away is in my future. 

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Date: 6/7/21 10:03 PM (GMT-05:00)
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First make sure that you chose the automatic buttonhole. My memory of the 10001 is not as good as it was - OK, let's be honest. My memory is not that good for anything! That's why I can happily watch the same TV show 8 times and it's always new. But I think there is one of the buttonholes that sews in one direction until you tap a button to reverse it, and again to stop it. Check the manual on that. Otherwise the sensor may need a bit of adjustment. It's not a difficult procedure, but your dealer will have the information on how to do it. Should not be expensive.

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