Re: Is This Something?

Jim Stutsman

A picture of the removed fibers wouldn't be of much help anyway. Much better to have a picture of where they came from. The area you mentioned (first thread guide) contains a small spring, shaped like a ski. It's under a cover, so you can't see it.  It provides very light tension on the thread when winding a bobbin. In normal sewing it does little except keep the thread where it should be, BUT if the thread is pulled backward, i.e. toward the spool, when changing colors that little spring tends to shave tiny fibers off the thread. It will build up to the point that it starts adding tension to the stitches, and sometimes making bobbins wind wonky. During service there may have been a thread "clot" that was dislodged, but not noticed by the technician, and that's likely what you pulled out. So that's good, and it's OK.

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