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Kathy Strabel

Carole--I do this when I sew the hems on poly/lycra swimwear. I usually make a separate tank-type of top to go over the briefs bottoms for myself.

Cut some 1" strips of washaway sticky stabilizer--enough to cover the circumference of your shirt bottom plus a little overlap. Do not leave any gaps in the stabilizer.    Press up your hem allowance, then stick the stabilizer on the inside of the shirt bottom, being sure to place it so your needle will penetrate the fabric AND the stabilizer. Stitch your hem as desired. I have the best results from using Janome purple tip needles and Coats and Clark Dual duty thread. You can use a double needle if you want single lines of thread spaced evenly, but I do not use that type of needle. Instead, I use one of the stretch stitches that resembles a serger stitch. AFter stitching your hem, your shirt bottom will be non-stretch until you soak or wash the shirt and the stabilizer disappears.   Good luck. You might want to do a couple practice runs before stitching on your golf shirts!! Happy (stretchy!) stitching!!!!   Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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I would like to hem golf shirts--100% polyester, some poly & about 9% spandex.  How do I keep the hems from looking like ruffles? Since these fabrics don't ravel, I do not need to finish the raw edge...just trim, fold fabric to wrong side and stitch.  I'd like 2 rows of stitches about 1/4" apart as that would look best as these shirts are worn untucked.  I have MC15000.  Thank you for any suggestions.  

Carole - Colorado

Have a good one!
Kathy Strabel

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