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With the arm taking up room and having to move freely inside the throat of the machine, I do find it more difficult to do larger or bulkier projects on my 500e. But like you, I am a bit of a machine junkie and am spoiled with my 15000 for that particular use. Or as I also explain to my husband, there is no one perfect machine for all applications and purposes. Fortunately he gets it.

Those were great stories about your family. On the “challenge” of sewing straight seams down the borders, try getting some easy remove painters tape. Lay out the quilt and stick it on, then you can use the edges as a guide and it will stay in place while bunched up on one’s lap.


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There shouldn’t be a problem quilting a quite large quilt on any of the Janome machines. You roll the quilt up and it fits quite nicely on the inside of the bed of the machine. I’m sure that it will on a 500E too. I haven’t actually done anything really large because I’m a bit lazy and also am terrified of layering the backing, batting and the top to be really secure. I haven’t a large enough table to use and I just can’t manage to do it on the floor. However, a friend told me what she does and I will try that. She asked if I had one of those cardboard cutting mats and I do. She says that she puts hers on her table and clamps one side down, and starts with the backing and smooths that out as best she can, clips in onto the board, then does the batting next and finally the top and pins that section with quilting pins. The weight of the quilt holds things down and the excess drapes of the other side. Once pinned she moves the quilt over on the board and secures the rest of the quilt with pins. She does a lot of quilts and has taken a few classes on quilting using the walking foot. She also does some free motion quilting but I’m not fond of doing free motion but I think I will try the scuffed flex on my Continental M7 or my 15000 - I have a few options as I’m a machine junkie.

I’m wishing just a little that I’d had this coffee date before taking young Gerald’s quilt to the quilter’s on Monday. Gerald is going to make little brother, Archer a quilt like his with the left overs for his quilt - I’ll find something to make it different but we can use up the extra squares. Piper, who will be 10 a few days before Gerald turns 13 still needs to finish her quilt - she used orphan blocks from the 3 quilts I made for her and her 2 cousins last summer. We just haven’t decided on the “hand look stitches” yet on the M7. They will be long rows, so we’ll have to devise a way to make “straight” lines down the borders.

Piper and Ava, picked out a design and Piper quilted that quilt - a good sized lap quilt on my 15000. These children must be accountants and engineers in the making as they are so precise. She got those blocks lined up EXACTLY on the centre cross-hairs - I was amazed and really impressed as she might be 10 but a very tiny light weight young lady. Archer hasn’t started sewing yet, except hand sewing, so he’ll be next. His sisters will teach him and so will his mother and I. My 6600 was given to them when I got a 7700 about 10 years ago. I guess they sort of fight over who gets to sew and have to bring out their Mom’s smaller Janome to sometimes settle things - Mom even has to wait her turn so the children tell me.

If I remember, I’ll put some pictures in the “photo section” once we get Gerald’s finished - Piper should be finished by then too.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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