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Hi Roberta,

I haven’t tried the DIME magnetic hoop the others were suggesting, but I did get the AcuFil Quilting Kit with the ASQ18b hoop.  I thought it might work better for quilting smaller projects than the bigger ASQ22 hoop for my 15000.   I would not recommend it for quilting projects larger than an 8” square.  The design of the hoop is such that there is really not enough clearance space in the gap between the side of the hoop and the support frame that connects to the pins on the arm for the bulk of working on the interior of a quilt and the large magnets holding it in place.

You can see what I mean from the picture from the Janome website.


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I have the 500E. I have been wondering how to hoop a quilt sandwich without it popping out of the hoop. Any suggestions from you or anyone here would be great. 

Roberta in FL

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