Re: embroidering on a sportswear shirt

Cheryl Paul


I would use iron-on no-show mesh on the bottom of the sport shirt BUT I would hoop it as it is a light weight fabric - I’ve never had hoop burn, but I don’t usually embroider heave fabrics (expect quilts that are 3 layers). You want that shirt to be VERY stable in the hoop, so that the embroidery looks really nice when you are finished. A topper, keeps the stitches laying very nice on the top of the shirt - it also looks nice. Topper is something that is a choice for things that are not fluffy like a towel or fleece on top where the thread can bury in and the detail of embroidery fades away.

As was suggested, a trial embroidery is always recommended, but it isn’t always possible IF you don’t have a scrap or an old item to use for that trial.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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