Re: Prewound bobbins size for the Janome 15000

Lyn Quine

Not all L bobbins and size 15 are the same.  I’ve always found it best to use only Janome bobbins, supplied in the Janome blister pack.  I did try size L prewound bobbins and the are slightly smaller than a Janome bobbin, they bounce and clatter in the machine.  I have used Janome prewound bobbins, they had a better quality thread and less prone to causing pick up issues when half full, the thread in the non Janome bobbins tended to pull back and curl because of the nature of the thread.  Janome thread doesn’t do that it’s good to the point at which the machine warns it’s getting low.

On 4 May 2021, at 17:23, TC Wiley <tcwiley@...> wrote:

I have had my 15000 for 5 years and I love it. I have been using size L pre wound bobbins for embroidery and have been pretty lucky. Occasionally a bobbin acts up and that one goes in the garbage. I recently learned that I should have been using size 15 pre wound bobbins. Is that what y’all use? What is the difference between size 15 and size L?

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