Re: Servicing of Janome 15000

Judy Jackson

I think in future I will make sure I wipe clean the take up lever and needle before attempting any embroidery after a service. .......although I still feel it was wrong of the service mechanic to have left so much oil.

On 30 Apr 2021, at 19:51, Sheri-A <sheri-a@...> wrote:

My 15000 is at least 7 years and and I've been good about taking it in for maintenance annually, but it's showing it's age.  A few weeks ago, I took it in early for maintenance and adjustments because I was getting loops on the back of the fabric. I mentioned the machine was louder with a grinding sound that was new.  After service I was getting an error message and noticed I was still hearing the sound, so I took it back in.  On the second visit, I was told the tech also oiled the needle bar area to help with the sound.  The sound was much less and the sewing was good.  About a week later, I was sewing binding on a white quilt and notice oil spots in a few areas (about the size of English peas).  Prior to that, I had been sewing on multicolored fabric and may not have seen the oil spots. 

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