Re: Servicing of Janome 15000

Cat - N

I have not ever seen any oil 'dripping' anywhere after having my 15000 serviced.

- Cat (FL)

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Sent: Wed, Apr 28, 2021 12:36 pm

Hi all
Has anyone had a problem with excess oil dripping onto embroidery after servicing? Had my Janome 15000 back from shop on Monday, used it today for the first time since it’s service and I have had oil dripping onto work area when I’ve changed thread and used threader! I have complained to the shop and they say this can happen and it’s a fine line between enough oils and over doing the oil!! They say it’s coming from the take up lever and to rub it away.....which I have now but just wondered if it was bad servicing or a normal occurrence?
Judy, Cornwall U.K.

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