Re: Janome HD Roller Foot for Janome 7mm and 9mm High Shank Machines


Pixey is correct, and the Stutsmans can verify if needed.
If you have an ankle for 7mm feet, yes you can use the 7mm feet on your 9mm machine.
However, be aware that the feed dogs don't line up with the foot as well as they do with feet designed for them.
I've always thought it unfortunate that Janome never made the Rotary foot set for the 9mm machines.
It was a really nice and useful attachment, but in my opinion it didn't have the strength that our Acu-Flex system has. 
And Kathy, why don't you like the Acu-feed system? I know it has it quirks but there's nothing like it when dealing with layers of fabrics and heavy sewing applications.
So much better than our old chunky walking feet...

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