Re: HLS problems

Kaye Lessard

I have been a janome user since the mc9000 machine and started with the scan & sew software
Then went to digitizer 10000!!
Now have the 15000 and mbx5.5!
I have been going back & forth with janome tech since last Friday trying to fix an issue with mbx 5.5
The latest windows update did not install and it caused some issues!!
But they got me up & running again!
Even though their is still an issue with the file extension !! But we think it is more because of these updates !
They have always so far been very helpful!!
Software & computers changes and you get to a point where you have decide what works best for what you do!!!
Because of some eye health & internet issues I encouraged one lady not to upgrade from 4.5 to 5.5
Only because it would have been hard with the eye issue!!
Also mbx 4.5 definitely has the hoops for the 500e!!!
I wish they had stayed with janome digizter !
But they don’t always listened to us consumers!!!
But that is in all sewing machine companies!!!
Just my opinion!!

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