Re: AcuStitch

Cheryl Paul

I have a story. I have an MC15000, Skyline S9 and a Continental M7 - all with the software provided in the box with the machines when I unpacked them. I installed most of the software, but having the 15000 first, most was already on my computer. However, somewhere along the way, I heard about AcuStitch talked to my dealer and ordered and paid for the program. WHY, I will never know. I’m not sure that the dealer understood that I already had it with my 2 embroidery/sewing machines (M7 came much later).

I’m really glad that I’m on this forum, as I’m learning a lot about what I need and what I don’t. I won’t end up in the poor house because I’ve made a foolish decision in purchasing something like AcuStitch, but it might have been nice to have had that money to use for something else.

Today I pick up my new MacBook Pro 16”, as my present MacBook is a senior in the technology world and doesn’t have enough memory to keep what I use on the machine. I like to sit in my reclining armchair and work on my “LapTop” and to have to have devices hanging off it isn’t convenient. Now this computer has been in the store since Monday, but we had a wicked last minute winter/spring storm and I wasn’t going out in that - winds were horrific with blowing snow and the streets were horribly icy. We even had “pile-ups” on our roads which NEVER happens here. So today the sun is shining but it is still cold, but I’m going out anyway.

Hope everyone is safe and ready for Easter. Our churches are open this year and we get to attend on Sunday at 2 in the afternoon. We need to “book” our spot and we were lucky enough to get one.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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