Happy day/Diane's magnetic hoop Re: Ceil J


I felt I should start a new topic, but since I had answered Ceil J under the magnetic hoop I added those tags as well (Message #28218). This is my update to the tension problem with my machine (note to self: I should never answer a question when distraught & then I don't have to be embarrassed, but my regular dealer had retired recently & I had no way to know if I could get my machine fixed or afford to because of some family issues).
Anyway, I just got my machine back & apparently it was not the same problem as the other ladies that I had mentioned. Her tension wouldn't release so she needed the whole new tension unit, but with mine there was no tension at all. They found out it was a small hard to reach "thing" that just had to be plugged back in. How it got unplugged, who knows, but that is all it was. I tried my precious machine out & she seems to work perfectly, no awful noises & the tension is perfect. I am so thankful! Hope this is just your problem Ceil & not the other. Mine started with no noise at first when the tension would just quit, but then gradually it developed a noise & it kept getting louder.
It seems to be a happy ending.

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