Re: Janome HD Roller Foot for Janome 7mm and 9mm High Shank Machines

Carole O'Mara

The HD foot that I ordered has arrived and I've had some time to give it a test.  The diagrams and instructions are minimal.  I was able to find the foot on the Janome site with a larger photo of the foot, but with same instructions.  Nowhere are there instructions or in the photo that show that the roller must rest on the left or right feed dog.  It's the feed dog that drives the roller.  The needle must be moved to the furtherest left or right position.  So the foot is used with the zig-zag plate, not single hole.  The foot pressure also has to be adjusted.  Once I had it all set, I made a quilt sandwich and began sewing using the straight stitch.  Unlike the dual feed or walking foot, by the time I got to the end of the sandwich (about 10") the top fabric was longer than the bottom.  I then did some wavy lines, again top fabric feeding faster than bottom fabric.  I then made a larger sandwich (20"x20")--same result. With a sandwich that size I could not do anything other than straight or wavy--no circles as could not turn the fabric to do any kind of design.  Clearly, this foot is very specialized for leather and vinyl.  Or I do not have the right adjustments made.  I was hoping to use this foot for free motion look.  Instead, I'll use Diane's DIY magnetic hoop with purchased continuous run designs for quilting a quilt.   If anyone has suggestions, please post.  
Carole - CO

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