Re: Mbx 5.5 will not open

Jim Stutsman

Times like this are when you really want to have an image backup of your C drive, but I suspect you don't have that. It sounds like you may have multiple problems happening at once. Windows allows only one program to be responsible for opening a given file type. When you installed Iconizer it became the default. When you uninstalled it the default was not changed back to MBX - Windows doesn't do that. We have not upgraded from 5.0 to 5.5, so I don't know what's involved with the USB stick that came with 5.5. I would not recommend installing or reinstalling from the 5.0 DVD. Your best option now is to wait for Janome because this is very complex software and is super easy to mess up. The CRC error is worrying, because that essentially is saying that data being read from a hard drive is not correct. It could be a hard drive failure, especially if it's very old, or it could be a memory failure. It could also be data corruption. While you are waiting, it might be good to run diagnostics on the computer:

For those reading this, the best kind of backup is one that makes a byte for bye image to an external hard drive. This is what I used before my Windows sobriety:
With an image backup you can restore your computer back to the state it was in when last backed up. If you do nightly backups you will normally never lose any work.

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