Mbx 5.5 will not open

Kaye Lessard

I  need advice
I have mbx5.5 on laptop windows 10
I was trying to send designs from a removable hard drive to a usb stick- looking at designs in manage designs - opening them -then write to usb 
It wouldn’t write or let me export 
Then it wouldn’t let me see designs!!!
They are older designs
So after using horizon link I decided to download sew iconzer
It put red X on my designs
So I uninstalled it!!
Now I am getting designs open with Corel
Will not let me change Jef files to digizter mbx
So I tried to repair the program -went to janome site downloaded the latest hasp driver
Then using the usb stick that came with v5.5 upgrade
I tried repairing the program
But then I got a crc error!!!
Now the digizter mbx will not open at all!!!
I have sent an email to janome- waiting for answer
Thought about I installing then reinstalling
But do I use the v5.0 cd then usb stick ?
If I’m suppose to use the usb stick what do I do if it is corrupted? 
Any guidance is appreciated !!
kaye in la

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