Janome HD Roller Foot for Janome 7mm and 9mm High Shank Machines

Carole O'Mara

I have just watched video for a roller foot that has a small 'tire' on the side.  It can be used for free motion quilting, stitch in the ditch and much more. It was originally meant for sewing leather/vinyl.  I saw the video on YouTube but was not able to link here.  However go to YouTube and put in Gina's Pro Tips - Bernina Leather Roller Foot #55 in the search bar.  The demo is done on a Bernina.  I was able to find the foot on Sewvacdirect for Janome 7mm & 9mm w/o AcuFeed but shows compatibility with MC15000 (I have MC15000 with Acufeed).  So some conflict there.   I looked on Janome site to find this foot that is compatible with 15000 but no luck finding it.  Does anyone have this foot for know about it?  How do you like/use it?  
Carole - CO


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