Re: Diane's DIY magnetic hoop


Wellll.... I hate to be the bearer of maybe bad news. This same problem started with my 15000 about a year ago. I coordinated Janome Club for my dealer & it happened once again while I was demonstrating a technique at club ( I had thought like you I had not threaded right or it came out of the tension system), all of a sudden the upper tension would just go, often I would hear a noise in what seemed like the thread cutter area. I would turn the machine off (may have to do this 1 or more times) & then it would work great for quite a while. My dealer looked at it that day & couldn't figure out what was wrong. He cleaned it & then it seemed to work good again. Then COVID hit & I didn't get it into the shop. It kept getting worse & worse. Then I started getting a message to lift the needle slowly &  turn off the machine when I turned the machine on. Well, my dealers wife started having the same problem & so they felt that it needed a new module. That was replaced & I quit getting the needle message but now the noise was even louder & then the upper tension would go again. Janome says they have never heard of this problem,. yet it has happened to both of our machines. He took her machine all apart & could not figure what it was but finally the Janome Tech says it probably needs a new tension system ( I think that is what they said). The last few times I tried sewing it would make an awful noise when I either used the thread cutter or sometimes when the pressure foot lifted automatically & then the tension would go again. The machine would have to be turned off for a few days before it would seem to right itself. In the mean time I have not sewn on my 15000 for almost a year as not sure if I could finish something or not before it had another temper tantrum.. I really liked the 15000 & how it embroidered as it was so good. So glad I have the reliability of the 12000 even though the quality of embroidery is better on the 15. Looks like all the gizmos I love may be the downfall of that machine. I am very disheartened to say the least. They are waiting for the part to come & will try it on her machine first & then if that fixes the problem they will do mine. So in the meantime I have a useless machine. Right now not sure I would recommend it to anyone.

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