Re: Diane's DIY magnetic hoop

Gail Berkler

I must have missed the video that Diane did but would like to know how I can order the magnets that Diane recommends as well as how to watch the video.

On Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 8:27 AM Ceil J <cjancola@...> wrote:
I put it together too.  I had previously used other magnets that I taped on but Diane's choices made it much, much easier to remove the magnets and position the quilt.  I was more than 3/4 finished with an all over design on a twin sized quilt when I noticed that for the last 4 hoopings, the bottom tension was way too loose.  I didn't notice it (should have been paying better attention) and had to remove all 4 of them!  What I finally realized happened was that the upper thread, which had been in place for the rest of the hoopings, must have twisted itself in such a way that it was no longer in the tension discs.  This happened, perhaps coincidentally, when I changed bobbins so at first I assumed there was something wrong with the bobbin.  Testing one thing at a time and finally rethreading found the problem although the thread never came out of the arm or gave any indication that it wasn't in those discs.  I guess the bottom should have told me right away that the problem was with the top but it sure seemed obvious as the top looked the same but I had changed bobbins.  Moral of the story is that if I'm using the same thread spool for an extended period of time, I will now rethread every once in a while.  And again, Diane's system worked great!

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